Monday, July 14, 2014

Sewvivor - Sew Long Sanity - Tiffany Ford

I have decided to submit an audition for this season of Sewvivor and I am extremely excited! I have only been sewing for a little more than a year and I really only got plugged into the online community 6-8 months ago so this is my first time ever hearing about the competition and I think it is brilliant!

For more information on the contest in general, click on their blog HERE.

For my audition I decided to submit my favorite quilt I have made thus far. Not only because I love all the stars and of course Lizzy House is a brilliant fabric designer. But also because ... look at all this BLUE! It's gorgeous! I love it. 

I'm so proud of how this quilt turned out because it is one of the first quilts that I started with a unique vision for and seeing it fulfill all of my hopes and dreams was such a fantastic feeling. 

I started out with a fantastic bundle from Amanda at Westwood Acres. I remembering seeing the fabric multiple places and wanting to buy as much of it as possible but at that point it was no longer being printed so I had to wait and wait and wait until FINALLY Amanda found some hidden on a shelf somewhere and she kept it in reserve for me. I was so excited to get a hold of this gorgeous fabric.

I'm the kind of quilter who has a hard time utilizing the same pattern more than once. Is anyone else like that? I just feel like if I'm going to make something and spend hours and hours on it then it might as well be something I've never attempted before, right?  So I picked this fabulous pattern from V and Co - link HERE - and did somethings I had never done before. I had never done anything with a 9 patch and I had never attempted wonky stars before so it was a whole never adventure and I LOVED it. 

The funny thing is the making of this quilt was spread out over several months and multiple quilts were started and finished all while this was up on the design wall. Why? Well what makes better decor than your favorite quilt in progress hanging on your makeshift design wall! 

Eventually it was finished!!! Hurray! 

On this quilt I decided to try some of my brand new FMQ skills but with a twist. I wanted to push myself to a whole new level. I wanted to quilt stars into it! And I did! 

This is absolutely one of my favorite elements of this quilt! Not just because you have to look closely to see the special little details, but also because I tried something new and found out that I could do even more than I could ever imagine. 

I am so proud of every single part of my finished creation! 

Good luck to every one else turning in an audition. I look forward to seeing tons of unique projects from whatever talented quilters the judges choose. 

May the odds be ever in your favor! 


  1. Yay!! I'm soo happy and proud of you Tiffany!! This is my fave!!

  2. i just love that star FMQ.
    the colors on that quilt are great.
    what an awesome fabric collection.
    best of luck to you in the auditions!

  3. I like how the stars are almost hiding. Lovely colours. Best of luck with the competition.

  4. Blue is seriously my favorite color! Looks awesome :) Best, Kate

  5. Whoa. Amaaazzziiinnnggg!!! I love the FMQ stars, they go so perfectly with your quilt pattern. I'm feeling so inspired after seeing this gorgeous quilt!

  6. Your quilt is gorgeous, and I just love the quilting! That is one of my favorite fabric lines EVER! Good luck!!!!

  7. I'm so sad I didn't get to see the quilt in person. It really looks so beautiful. Your FMQ is amazing! You must be a natural. I totally get doing the same pattern twice. I once made three quilts in the same pattern; then I think I burned (or recycled) the pattern because I knew I would NEVER make it again. Last year I did make my girls quilts with the same pattern, but I made them at the same time, so it wasn't bad. (I also liked the pattern better.)