Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Busy Little Bee

Sometimes it feels like I am creating things at a snails pace when out of the blue a friend comments and says, "Wow! How do you make things so quickly??" I always want to respond with a "who me?" or just a stunned look on my face because I feel like a turtle running through molasses...but after some reflecting I realized that I really do get things done pretty quickly! Here's a look at a few of my completed projects this year....

1. My most important project! My sister's wedding quilt. I am EXTREMELY pleased with how it turned out and I am so happy they will get the chance to snuggle it for years to come. 

2. A lovely little unnamed mini. For my birthday (in August) I did a giveaway in which one person got some of my favorite things and then whomever they tagged got a special little mini just for them. Well, here it is! Way later than I hoped but I'm still in love with it. How can you go wrong with Cotton + Steel and April Rhodes in one little mini? 

3. My happy little mini for the #happyunicornswap ! This swap is hosted by the lovely and talented @karriofberries  In my mind I think that if Poseidon had a unicorn, this is how it would look. It will be hard to send it off to its new home!

4. I have had this sweet little lap quilt sitting waiting to be loved for several months and I am so pleased that it is finally completed! When I was at my sister's wedding I heard her friend tell the story of their struggle to raise money for their adoption and my heart was moved to finish this quilt and donate it for a raffle to help them out. Ultimately I believe the raffle was very successful for them and hopefully the new owner will cherish it for a very long time! 

5. This is another of my once forgotten projects....I loved all the bright colors but ultimately wanted to be able to gift it which meant finding the PERFECT new owner. And wouldn't you know, my sister had a close friend with a new baby on the way that would fit perfectly with this bright and cheerful quilt so off it went to its new home! I hope their baby girl loves it as much as I do!

I'm fairly certain I have about a million more projects either nearly done or finished in the past few months but I complete so many that I am losing track! Now I'm wonder if my friends who think I'm speedy are completely right..... 

What have you finished lately?? 

Sew until next time, 
Tiffany Anne 

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